A Homeowner's Guide to HOA Holiday Decorating

A Homeowner's Guide to HOA Holiday Decorating

Homeowners associations are all about community. HOA homeowners and their families have more opportunities to create strong bonds within the community. HOA boards are comprised of homeowners committed to keeping that sense of community alive.

When the holidays roll around, HOA neighborhoods have a real opportunity to create long-lasting memories. An HOA can facilitate everything from winter potlucks to holiday concerts.

This opportunity speaks to the importance of good accounting among the board. Community leaders must request funds from the board to finance events and HOA holiday decorating.

It always helps to come prepared with a holiday decorating plan.

Here are a few ideas to bring to the board.

Turn Common Areas Into Winter Wonderlands

Does your HOA community have shared common areas outdoors like mini parks, playgrounds, and fitness areas?

Decorate these outdoor spots with the following supplies:

  • Christmas lights
  • Large ribbons and bows (for lampposts)
  • Holiday-inspired garden decor
  • Harvest-themed decor (pumpkins, etc.)
  • Holiday inflatables
  • Large community Christmas trees

Go online (or to your local decor store) to find the best deals on holiday decorations. You can also find them at wholesale prices. Create a report with images, prices, and a total budget that you can submit to the board.

Gather this information well in advance so that you're not pressed for time.

Get the HOA Community Involved

Decorating for the holidays is a wonderful way to engage the HOA community.

Inviting the community to decorate a large Christmas tree is a great idea. You'll need to fit tree ornaments into your HOA decorating budget.

You could also take the opportunity to plan an ornament-making event in the community. For example, you could provide supplies like foam balls, craft paint, glitter, string, and ribbon for participants.

Of course, you'll need a big tree star!

Once complete, your Christmas tree will make an excellent event centerpiece for carnivals, caroling, holiday bake sales, and other activities.

HOA Holiday Decorating With Wreaths

Common HOA rules ensure the visual integrity of HOA communities. Thus, homeowners must follow rules for landscaping and so forth. However, you can work with these standards to decorate the community for the holidays.

Talk to your HOA board about creating (and allowing) wreaths for homeowners' doors. You could provide leftover Christmas tree cuttings to create winter-inspired decor. Craft stores also carry faux cranberry strings.

Don't forget the pine cones!

Community Holiday Potlucks

Holiday decorations help set the tone for community events within an HOA.

Community potlucks are an excellent kick-off to the holiday season. Families can bring whatever food they want, from spaghetti and meatballs to star-shaped cookies. You could even invite local bakers and cake decorators to sell their baked goods.

The more community involvement the better. Inform HOA families in advance with festive invitations, community flyers, and meeting reminders. You can find free holiday graphics online for your holiday marketing materials.

Get Ready For the Holidays

Plan your HOA holiday decorating by September. You want to be sure everything is ready for the autumn and winter holiday season.

Start by gathering supplies and setting (and submitting) budgets. Next, think about ways to get the community involved through activities.

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