HOA Board Responsibilities

HOA Board Responsibilities

Living in an HOA offers several benefits for residents, thanks to appealing onsite amenities and a heightened sense of community.

When you live in these communities, an elected HOA board does all the work to ensure everything runs like clockwork. In exchange, homeowners split the costs involved in maintaining onsite amenities in the form of annual or monthly HOA fees.

Due to this convenience, HOA homes maintain their value well and may sell for a premium. What exactly do HOA board members offer in return for homeowners' financial contributions?

Read on to find out.

HOA Board Members and Their Roles

An HOA board comprises several elected officials. These people volunteer their time and efforts to oversee the daily operations of a housing community.

Most HOAs consist of the following members who perform specific tasks:

HOA President

The HOA president oversees the board's decision-making and the overall functioning of the HOA. They have the final say in all matters regarding projects and initiatives.

HOA Vice President

The vice president stands in for the president in their absence. The president may also task them with various other functions as required.

HOA Secretary

The HOA secretary manages the association's documentation and communications and arranges board meetings. They carry out numerous administrative tasks, like:

  • Updating records
  • Managing legal paperwork
  • Submitting forms

HOA Treasurer

The treasurer handles the HOA's financial matters. They administer the following:

In larger communities, the board may include additional general members who serve on various committees, e.g., an events coordination committee for community get-togethers.

HOA Board Responsibilities

The responsibilities of the HOA board are largely mandated by the Arizona Planned Communities Act and the CC&Rs of each HOA. These are the major HOA roles for board members in these communities.

Maintaining Common Areas

In an HOA community, the residents are responsible for the upkeep of their individual properties in line with the covenants, conditions, and restrictions (CC&Rs) set up by the HOA.

The HOA board must attend to all maintenance and repairs associated with the shared spaces in the community, such as swimming pools and landscaping.

Managing Finances

The HOA board works with the treasurer to manage the HOA's finances. Their tasks include paying expenses, keeping track of payments, and deciding on fund allocation.

Selecting an HOA Manager

In most HOA communities, the HOA board appoints HOA property management services to oversee the finer details of daily operations.

They, in turn, appoint an HOA manager who assists the HOA board with many of their functions, including inspections, violation notices, and property maintenance.

Streamline Your HOA Management Tasks

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