How to Select an HOA Management Company That's Right for Your Community

How to Select an HOA Management Company That's Right for Your Community

Nearly a third of Arizona's 2.8 million homes are situated in HOAs.

If you're an HOA resident, you may be wondering why your community isn't as professional and well-run as the one next door. It all comes down to proper management. When your HOA board of directors is overmatched and overworked, your community will suffer.

That's where association management comes in. These services bring a level of professionalism to an HOA, helping with everything from rentals in an HOA community to vendor coordination. Keep reading and we'll tell you how to choose the best association manager for your Phoenix HOA.

What Are Your Needs?

Before you start looking at your HOA management options in Phoenix, it's best to look inward. Sit down with the HOA board of directors and figure out what it is that your community needs help with the most.

Understanding your shortcomings as a community will tell you exactly what HOA management services you'll need to prioritize. There are countless HOA managers out there, but you want to find someone who offers comprehensive services that can help you run your community from top to bottom.

Look at Reputation

When you start your search, the most important way to separate the very best HOA managers from the rest is to look at testimonials and ratings. Doing so will help you understand the company's reputation with its current and former clients.

You need an HOA manager who has worked with other local communities before. They should be experienced in a wide range of areas, from governance and compliance to HOA accounting.

To get a sense of how an HOA manager might help you, read through the reviews and see what people are saying. The biggest thing to look for is any red flags that might be bad for your community.

Are They a Good Fit?

The next thing to do is arrange meetings with a few of the best HOA managers in Phoenix. Face-to-face meetings can help you determine if a management company is a good fit for your community. This is possibly the most important aspect of choosing an HOA manager.

You need someone who will work well with your HOA board and guide your community where it wants to go. An HOA manager should never enter the picture and try to change everything. Their main goal should be to create a community that homeowners enjoy living in.

Get quotes from your top candidates, then compare costs with the services on offer to determine which is the best option.

From Rentals in an HOA Community to Property Maintenance: Good HOA Managers Do It All

Now that you know how to seek out a great HOA manager for your community, you can start figuring out what your association needs. A good HOA manager can handle everything you throw at it, from rentals in an HOA to property maintenance. Use these tips to find a manager to turn your community around in 2024.

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