Maximizing Community Harmony: The Benefits of Professional HOA Management Services

Maximizing Community Harmony: The Benefits of Professional HOA Management Services

Maximizing Community Harmony: The Benefits of Professional HOA Management Services

HOA communities are a big favorite for homebuyers in the United States because of their many benefits. From a serene living environment to greater property value appreciation, you stand to enjoy the rewards of snapping up a home in one of America's over 355,000 HOAs.

However, these benefits aren't automatic. If an HOA isn't run properly, the residents will have a lower quality of life.

This effectively means that your community has to invest in proper administration and management. One of the ways to achieve this is to outsource some functions to companies that provide HOA management services.

Read on to learn how these services will contribute to a harmonious, successful community.

Coordinating Maintenance

The HOA board has the responsibility to maintain communal facilities like clubhouses, walkways, and swimming pools, but it's comprised of volunteers who might not have the time or expertise to oversee maintenance works. When an HOA property management company steps in, they'll oversee the inspection, maintenance, and repair of communal amenities.

They typically do this by coordinating and supervising the work of the maintenance company that the HOA has hired to do the job. Without close supervision, the contractor can neglect their duties, leaving the amenities to deteriorate.

HOA Fees Collection

Homeowners are required to pay HOA fees, usually monthly. But depending on the size of a community, billing and collecting these funds can be a tall order.

This is a task that an association property management company can execute with ease. They have the technology to, for example, automate billing. They're also responsible for collecting other HOA dues and assessments from the property owners.

Efficient collection of HOA fees is integral to the community's operations. The HOA will be able to meet its financial obligations, including paying workers and vendors, on time.


Can you imagine a heated pool being dysfunctional in the winter because the HOA hasn't paid the power bill? That's what can happen when an HOA doesn't have competent people to budget for the collected fees.

A homeowners association manager can take over accounting and budgeting, ensuring the community's funds are used prudently.

Enforcing HOA Rules

Every HOA has rules touching on things like pets and support animals, rentals in an HOA community, property maintenance, and use of communal amenities.

The expectation is that every resident will follow all the rules, but this is not always the case. There will always be residents who have little disregard for the rules and the law, and if they're left to have their way, the community can descend into chaos.

An HOA management company enforces HOA rules. If a resident is keeping pets that are not allowed, for example, the manager has the power to take the necessary action as outlined in the HOA's rulebook.

Hire the Best HOA Management Services

There's no doubt that HOA management services bring a lot of value to communities like yours. However, these companies aren't created equal. It's upon the board to find a competent company.

In Phoenix, AZ, PMI Camelback is the premier association management company. We're locally owned and operated, but part of Property Management Inc, a national franchise that manages over 85,000 units.

Give us a call to enjoy our services.