Roles and Responsibilities of an Association Manager in Phoenix, Arizona

Roles and Responsibilities of an Association Manager in Phoenix, Arizona

Are you passionate about serving an organization?

Do you want a job that matches your skills and interests?

Don't you want the chance to improve your community?

If this interests you, you could become an association manager. But what does the ideal association manager look like? Keep reading to learn everything about community association managers.

What is an Association Manager?

A community association manager oversees and coordinates various aspects of an organization. Within their role, they strive to make the HOA community a safe and comfortable space for its people.

Their primary role involves:

  • Managing day-to-day operations
  • Handling administrative tasks
  • Maintain proper allocation of funds for amenities and resources
  • Organizing events and coordinating member services
  • Develop and install different policies
  • Train different teams within an organization
  • Fostering communication among members

Managers ensure the smooth operation of the association. While doing so, they work towards achieving community goals.

Association Manager's Responsibilities

Within a HOA community, association managers hold a variety of titles. Often, they are accountants who maintain financial records. Managers ensure funds go to improving common areas, amenities, and shared facilities.

Also, they enforce the community's rules, regulations, and laws. When disputes happen within the community, managers handle the complaints.

They will also conduct regular inspections around the neighborhood. If they see a violation, managers are the ones to confront homeowners on the problem.
This is how managers ensure residents follow established guidelines.

Homeowners may think that managers are there to cause problems. However, this is far from the truth!

They're there to help guide them to keep their community a safe space. Also, managers strive to connect with homeowners to help build positive relationships.

They do this by having community meetings and writing newsletters. Also, they'll share information on social media to connect with residents more.

How to Become an Association Manager?

To become a community association manager, start by earning the right certificate. You'll need to obtain a Certified Manager of Community Associations (CMCA). While earning your certificate, you should develop skills through work or volunteer experience.

Some companies are fine with someone only having a high school diploma. However, some organizations prefer managers with more education. They may also want a manager with a business or real estate background.

Becoming the Best Community Association Manager

For those wanting to enter this field, start by gaining a diverse skill set. This means you shouldn't only focus on gaining property and finance management skills. You should also focus on improving your soft skills.

Association managers work with people all day long, and sometimes they're angry. If you're unsure of how to do this, try gaining the skills from working in the retail industry. Including this on your resume will show you have experience working with the public.

Start Working for Our Association Management Company

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Our community association managers strive to make properties strive to their fullest. Contact Phoenix Association Management to help add value to your community.